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Find out how Tom builds a portfolio using complex option strategies.

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Truth or Skepticism

Tom Sosnoff and Dylan Ratigan have reunited for a brand new podcast! Tune in for their rants and "random musings" on politics, finance, markets, news, and everything in between! It's gonna get loud!

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iTunes Store

You can find us just by searching for "tastytrade" in the Apple iTunes Store. We distribute video episodes and select audio-only episodes. Episodes are normally uploaded weekdays shortly after airing. Note: our Network iTunes Podcast is under construction. Thank you for your patience as we update it.

You can also subscribe to select segment podcasts via their individual show pages located on the tastytrade website! Click SHOWS at the top of, navigate to the show you are looking for, and select one of the two buttons on the far right beneath the video player (see screenshot).


iPad / iPhone

You can also subscribe to podcasts directly through your iPad or other Apple devices by visiting the iTunes store application, which comes with the iPad or iPhone.



If you're faithful to your Android device, then be sure to get your hands on our Android App. Simply go to the Google Play store and search “tastytrade” to download!



For those of you who like to "do-it-yourself", our Podcast RSS feed is available at

Additionally, you can subscribe to individual shows on RSS via each show’s page! Just click “RSS Reader” icon on the right beneath the video player.

Live Streaming Video and Episodes on Demand

tastytrade site

Well, if you're here now, you've probably figured this out already. To watch live, press the play button on the video player on the home page! To access the tastytrade archives, click on SHOWS, click on the segment you are looking for, and then click the red arrow on the upper right of the page! Don't forget--to download the slides make sure you are signed into with your credentials.



tastytrade is available through the Roku Channel store. Find the Channel Store on your Roku and use the search functionality to search for "tastytrade" or navigate to the "Internet TV" category. We'll be listed there, and you can click on our link to add it to your own channels.

Amazon Fire TV - Tasty on the Go

Amazon Fire TV

Searching done simply! Use the remote control's voice search to find the tastytrade app and download it for free. If you prefer old fashioned searching, you can find the tastytrade app in the apps category of the finance section.

Watch the live show and our videos on demand. Log in with your tastytrade credentials or sign up for free directly through the app!

The app is downloaded through your Amazon Account and you can write a review directly on tastytrade's app page on
Amazon's website.


Apple TV

Look for us under the "Internet -> Podcasts" section of your Apple TV. You can find us in the Business Section or by searching for tastytrade. You can add us to your favorites to make it easy to find tastytrade in the future. Note: The tastytrade live stream is only supported on 4th Generation Apple TV and beyond.

Live Streaming Audio

iTunes Radio

We also offer an audio-only feed through apple iTunes radio. It broadcasts live Monday through Friday from 7am CST to 3pm CST. After 3pm CST, we rebroadcast the original show until then next morning. You can find us by looking under the News / Talk Radio section of Radio section of iTunes.


MP3 Streaming

If you have a device that accepts MP3 streams, you can connect to our audio-only feed by setting your device to point to : If you are using an iPhone or Android you can just enter into your Safari Web Browser URL and access our audio-only feed.


TuneIn Streaming

tastytrade is now available on TuneIn radio! Download TuneIn from the app store to listen to tastytrade for free from your smartphone, tablet or TV/connected device. Then search tastytrade on the TuneIn app to listen live each weekday. TuneIn radio is also a built in feature of Teslas. So the next time you are cruising in your Tesla like Tom, “TuneIn” to tastytrade.