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Tom, Tony and Staff

Tom, Tony and Staff

I cannot tell you guys how much what you do means to me. Day after day you guys are always at it, always there, even when you look dog tired or sick and feel like hell. Just so you know it is not unappreciated.

Thanks for all you do,

Rip K.

Thank you for the notice!

As someone who has suffered a surprise assignment, and even had to pay a dividend, I appreciate the timely notices Tastyworks has sent me. I received an email with an excellent article helping me determine which positions were at risk, as well as a text message. My other broker would send a vague notice which basically said, "you know you may be subject to assignment risk at any time for a variety of reasons..." Obviously true, but not helpful.

Thank you, Tastytrade!

Rob Y.

I just wanted to say "thank you"

Durning this earnings cycle, I've done pretty well, but had a few that went against me. It was a fight, but I just closed 2 of them for scratches and just wanted to thank you for all of your help.

While I didn't ask you specifically about these trades, I attribute my success to everything that I have learned through you guys and specifically from all of the questions that you have answered for me.

So I just wanted to let you know that your time and effort hasn't gone to waste and that I can't describe how good it feels in actually having the confidence in knowing that I know how to trade.


We appriciate you!

Hi Tom & Tony,

Just wanted to cheer you guys on, and thank you ...


... for pushing your clearing house to complete this (IRA Futures). I just adore you guys, and everything you do for small investors. I know you've heard this a zillion times before, but your vision for Tastyworks is transforming our lives in amazing ways, and from the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank you again. Can't wait for IRA futures to become a reality!

Love always,

You guys are a force for change!

Coming from the tradition retail background of buy and hold and selling Covered Calls, and Spreads etc. against existing positions; now,watching many of your videos is an exciting view into what lies ahead for me in trading. Impressive learning segments that work in action.

Please let Tom (one of the good guys) know, he is a powerful force for change in the status quo, and his Tastyworks is a powerful disruptor that can only mean great success for him moving forward.



You are appreciated!

Hello guys and gals of tastytrade,

I really want to give you a heartfelt thank you for all that you do. You put in the hours, the shows, and video lessons so people like me can learn and grow and become better at trading. I've traded for years and have always lost money but never gave up on trying…..and then i found you guys. What a difference you have made in my life, and to believe again. I actually made money this year from the stock market instead of losing money like i always have going all the way back to 1999.

Though i don’t have much and can only sometimes do 1 trade at a time, i have made money little by little, but more importantly is that i've begun learning how these trades can actually work.
Im very grateful for all you have given of yourselves so that someone like me can finally go forward without the fear of how much am i gonna lose this year. You did that through honesty ,integrity, and a pay it forward attitude that stands out above all the other brokerage firms.

So Please accept this small note that is filled with a very grateful heart for you and all that you do and the time you give. Please know it doesn’t go unappreciated.
I hope one day to be able to see you and say thank you face to face.

Thank you and i wish you the very best for 2019,

Ray W.

Thank you tastytrade!

I started trading with you in early 2017, moving completely to options - I learned a lot, and had a break even year. In 2018, I had the best possible thing happen - I got greedy entering into the year by going too big, and got badly burned with the January run up in the market. I spent the rest of the first quarter licking my wounds and thinking through my many mistakes. Then I really started applying the rules you teach and battled back to recover about 70% of the losses by year’s end. But now I know more strategies, I know to stay small, I know when and how to roll, and I know to manage my winners!

I’m better prepared for 2019, and can’t wait to make the first trade of the year! Every word written below is true - you guys provide an amazing service. More than anything, I trust you - and that says it all.

Trade on!

What a year!

Tasty Teams-
Thank you for all you guys do, I sincerely appreciate it. Looking forward to being your customer for many years to come, hopefully with increasing size.

Keep up the great work and Happy New Year!

Christopher S.

Happy new year!

First, congratulations on your success.

It is definitely well earned by your commitment and effort along with the dedication each and every one of your staff shows us as your clients whether we are watching your presentation, working out a trade on the platform, or only contact TT for information.

I sincerely wish you and everyone at TT a wonderful, happy, blessed, and successful 2019!

You truly are making a difference and even beyond setting a new standard in the industry, you’ve totally changed the entire paradigm regarding what a financial services organization can and should be.

Alan J

Happy New Year, Team!

Bat and Tom,

Thank you for another great year of trading guidance and research. This was year 5 for me following TastyTrade and trading options, and my best year with options. TastyTrade definitely shortened my learning curve.

Look forward to seeing you both at the Money Show in Orlando in February.

Happy New Year, and look forward to another great year in 2019!

Best regards,

Lamar M

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