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Great segment on Skew!

Outstanding segment today on Skew! I want to acknowledge the exceptional quality of the content you guys put out, I listen and re-listen to your segments and my notebook keeps growing in size with more detail! You guys are really really impressive! Thank you so much for making me a better trader.


A personal thank you!

I want to personally thank you for the work you do. I have been a trader for a while now, and a few months ago I came across TastyTrade. I was always nervous about options, I considered them gambling and high risk. I used to play w/ super high risk options like SPXL, NUGT, DUST, SPXS years ago and I would have amazing days and then have horrible days. Just read the gov't required disclaimer for options trading, that can scare anyone. When I first started w/ options it was years ago I remember making an appointment w/ my local Scottrade office, they wanted to speak to me in person to make sure I understood what I was doing before they approved me for options trading and margin. During that appointment I will always remember what they told me "With options you not only have to get the direction right but you also have to get the timeframe correct also, so you need to be 2:2 to make a profit. Your direction needs to move when you say it will, otherwise it's a loss". While I won't say that he was wrong or misleading per se, I will say he was leaving out alot. TastyTrade opened me up to what he was leaving out -- selling premium. Since starting w/ TastyTrade, which I watch 5 days a week now, I have opened a TastyWorks account, and I have my TDA account (by way of them buying Scottrade) which is for my high-risk investments, technical analysis trades, fundamental analysis trades, and misc trades and my TastyWorks, which is for my lower-risk high probability selling premium investments. Believe it or not my TastyWorks account comprises ~ 60% of options and ~40% of high dividend low beta stocks. Who would have known that my low risk, slow growth account is trading OPTIONS. If you say that to some people they will look at you like you're crazy. The way I look at selling premium is that I am basically an insurance company, I am insuring other people's positions from huge swings and in return receiving insurance premiums, sometimes I re-insure w/ another company (defined risk) , sometimes I take on all the risk myself (naked). I even opened a holding company to keep my TastyWorks trades seperate from my personal finances for legal purposes. I have a goal of buying a vacation home in the Carribean and TastyTrade has been an integral part in helping me along that path, helping me further diversify my portfolio to include selling premium and becoming a profitable insurance company.

Love the weekend programs!

Excellent 2 days. This past Saturday was the best of the 3 weeks. Very thought out. Quite informative. Sunday was also so good. Insights into the Australian and Singapore markets was great! Tom had many eye opening questions that he asked. Kudos to everyone involved. Tasty Nation is incredible!


Took a while but it worked!

Tom, Tony

I just wanted to thank you guys for all of your advice along the way and instilling the tastytrade mechanics.

I messed up a call bwb for Target earnings last Dec. That losing trade then turned into a strangle to mitigate losses but more problems ensued. I ended up being short a $125 put and inverted with $110 short call....and then the pandemic started. Through continuous rolling and repositioning my calls, I was able to completely close my TGT position for a total net credit of $1.15.

It was a long time to wait to earn just $115. But at the end of the day, I controlled the trade as best as I could and even nabbing a small gain. It was not the cleanest trade by any standard but as I am sure you know, even a tiny profit (or even small loss) is so rewarding to close out trade when at one point I was still short the $125 put and target was just a mere $90 share price!

Anyway, just wanted to extend my gratitude to you and your team who relentless try to help traders of all accounts types and experience levels.

Thank you,

Brian K

Thanks Team!

Tom and company,

I just want to thank you for putting your self and your knowledge out there for newbies like me to glean and climb the learning curve. May your generosity be a standard for others to follow.

James D

A Simple Thank You

Just wanted to thank Scott for calling me this morning to let me know a trade I placed during the halt was busted. Not only did his call inform & enable me to put it on later at better price, but more importantly it's great to know that a CEO would take his time on the craziest day in years to check in with me about a little iron fly! Thanks so much for unprecedented service. I really enjoy watching TT and appreciate all you guys do for the DIY investor!

Burt M

You saved me from CNBC

Good Morning.

I've only been a Tastytrade addict for a few months now. I discovered you a year and a half ago but couldn't wrap my head around the vast majority of the concepts. A few months ago the "lightbulb" switched on and I now have a good 5%
grasp of what you're teaching

Thanks for all you do especially rescuing me from having to watch Joe Kernan on CNBC. My TV is never even on (except for NASCAR). Other than that, it's all Tasty all the time.



Great seeing you in NY!

Hi Tastytrade,
I flew in from Florida to see Tom at the Money Show in New York and he was hands down the best speaker at the show. Of course I might be a little biased😊. Afterward it was great watching Anton do live demonstrations on the platform. I religiously watch Confirm & Send and have learned so much over the last couple of years. Thank you guys so much for all you do.

P.S. I hope Tom didn’t forget Vonetta’s black and white cookies.

Wanda C

We appriciate you!

Of course I’m already all in with tastytrade and tastyworks and only wish I had found you guys and had locked in with you many years ago.

All that said however, the time, energy, and effort that Tom and Pete put forth today was absolutely amazing!

Thank you so much and feel free to let anyone not using your program and your platform know very strongly that they are truly missing the boat.

Have a super and well deserved weekend not only Tom and Pete, but everyone involved within your organizations.

Alan J

Great Discussion!

Mike and Nick,

Thank you so much for the excellent discussion today in your Market Mindset segment. I watched it twice rewinding at times to write down exactly what you guys were saying. This is amazing information! Please keep verbalizing the logic behind how you make your decisions, this insight is invaluable! I am sure there are many others who also very much appreciate what you guys are providing, keep up the great work!

Thank you again,

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