Wider Spreads or More Contracts? Nick Battista has the answer.

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WDIS: Amped to Trade!

Navigating the Trade Tab in Tastyworks

WDIS: Amped to Trade!

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Both calls and puts come to life today, when we open the tastyworks trading platform, select an underlying, and dive right into the Trade Tab. There, Anthony sees for the first time where these little calls and puts live in the real-world: strikes down the center, calls to the left, and puts to the right.

Dr. Jim then runs through trade scenarios for both puts and calls. As a result, not only is Anthony learning how to trade, but he also has an opportunity to relearn how to use the drawing tool - oh boy! In the end, today wraps up a solid week, where we started from ground zero with what we knew and found ourselves ending the week applying what we've learned in the platform.

It really feels a whole lot like climbing a mountain and hitting a new plateau. Amped! Learning! Amped! Learning!

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